Accurate Equity offers software and services
for all types of equity compensation and cash deferral plans

Tailored service


Accurate Equity offers a tailored service to meet the needs of the individual client where it ranges from self-service solutions through partial to full outsourcing of financial reporting, plan administration, employee portal and communication for all types of equity compensation and cash deferral plans

Our software, Pyramid, enables administration of any type of equity compensation and cash deferral plans without limitations. Combined with the communication capabilities, tailored employee portal and comprehensive financial reporting capabilities (US GAAP and IFRS 2) in Pyramid we offer a streamlined and efficient handling of your equity plans.

We also offer a dedicated user interface with reporting functionality for handling your capitalisation tables in an efficient, secure and auditable way.
Time saved
Full outsourcing
Partial outsourcing
Full outsourcing
Accurate Equity’s team of experts will perform all routine tasks and ensure your plans are handled efficiently and accurately
Partial outsourcing
We will enable you to perform the relevant tasks yourself, but our team will contribute as required, e.g. for valuations and complex financial reporting
We will enable you to do all routine tasks yourself with a software license and access to a dedicated reporting portal and premium support when needed

Some of our Satisfied Clients

DNO ASA logo


Plan Design, Administration, Communication and Financial Reporting of global employee synthetic share saving plan

Fortum Oyj

Fortum’s share bonus system efficiently handled by Accurate Equity through their software, Accurate Equity Pyramid
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Option Plan implemented with option exercise setup in record time


More Satisfied Clients